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Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy Silent Classics - Volume 2 (2004)

Front Cover Actor
Oliver Hardy
Stan Laurel
Billy West
James Finlayson
Larry Semon
Charley Chase
Clyde Cook
Movie Details
Genre Comedy
Studio Alpha Video
Language English
Audience Rating NR
Country USA
Color Color
Laurel and Hardy ('The Boys' as they are affectionately known) are the most recognized comedy duo the cinema has produced. The film that introduced them as the :Stan and Ollie" characters we know so well today was 1927's Do Detectives Think? Before that, Stan Laurel (from England) and Oliver Hardy (from America) had long solo careers, as this collection of rare and hilarious comedies shows.
Hardy entered movies in 1913, Laurel in 1917. Stan often played sharp-witted types, and Ollie "heavies" or villains (often with comics Billy West or Larry Semon). By the mid-1920's both were employed at the Roach Studios, still playing different roles, with Laurel also gag-writing and even directing Charley Chase, James Finlayson, Our Gang- and Oliver Hardy!
Producer Hal Roach played "comic roulette," teaming his stars in the hopes of hitting box office gold. The boys make their first appearance together in Lucky Dog, but it will be another ten years before they truly become a team. This collection showcases the comic genius of two great performers on the road to fame- Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy.

  • Hobo (1917)
    No, its not Charlie- its Chaplin imitator Billy West as the hobo! Hardy is the wronged boyfriend who must battle Billy for his girl. A custard pie and stolen car later, Billy makes things right.

  • Show (1922)
    Backstage, propman Larry has his hands full with wind machines, a rooster that belches nitro(!), and Hardy and his gang out to steal the payroll... but the show must go on!

  • The Soldiers (1923)
    During the gold rush, Stan hits the mother lode, and sheriff Finlayson jumps his claim. Alaska isn't big enough for the both of them!

  • White Wings (1923)
    When Stan mixes up a dustbin with a baby carriage, he goes from street sweeper to dentist all in one afternoon in this comedy of errors!

  • Should Sailors Marry (1925)
    Clyde heads home (and for trouble) after four years in the Navy to meet his future bride. The gold-digger tries to set him up for easy alimony until Hardy appears as the insurance company doctor. One of their best.

  • Thundering Fleas (1926)
    It's the original "scratch-off" contest as the gang's flea collection escapes at a wedding! Roach studio regulars Charley Chase and James Finlayson also make appearances.
  • Product Details
    Format DVD
    Region Region 1
    Screen Ratio Standard 1.33:1 Color
    Layers Single Side, Single Layer
    UPC (Barcode) 089218468093
    Release Date 3/8/05
    Packaging Jewel Case
    Audio Tracks SIL [English]
    Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
    Extra Features
    Features not specified

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