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Retro Science Fiction Adventures - Volume 3 (2004)

Front Cover Actor
Richard Kiel
Sally Mansfield
Colleen Gray
Mamie Van Doren
Patsy Parsons
Dolores Faith
Madeline Fischer
Fiorella Mari
Peter Bogdanovich
Richard Crane
Movie Details
Genre Science Fiction
Director Sandro Continenza; Peter Bogdanovich
Producer Fred Gebhardt; Guido Giambartolomei
Writer Fred Gebhardt; Hideo Oguni
Studio Alpha Video
Language English
Audience Rating NR
Running Time 720 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Six Sci-Fi Classics!

The Phantom Planet
American rockets disappear with no explanation, each reporting a mysterious asteroid moments before vanishing. Captain Frank Chapman, sent to find the missing astronauts, loses control of his ship and crashes on the planetoid. When he recovers from the impact he discovers he has shrunk to the size of an insect.

The Day The Sky Exploded
The history making launch of the first man into space takes an unexpected turn when Astronaut McLaren (Paul Hubschmid) is forced to eject from his ship, leaving the rocket on an uncontrolled journey into the cosmos. Soon there are mysterious occurrences on Earth, including a disturbing bright sphere surrounded by a halo in the sky. The renegade rocket has generated a cataclysmic chain reaction. A vast field of meteorites is hurtling on a collision course with Earth, causing tidal waves and intense heat igniting a global inferno. In a desperate attempt to stop the killer meteor bombardment, the governments of the world launch their defensive atomic missiles to combat the plummeting asteroids, culminating in catastrophic events that test the fate of humanity.

Attack From Space
An alien fleet orbits Earth, targeting it for conquest. Mankind is defenseless against the threat of extraterrestrial invasion, but a powerful ally is determined to prevent the impending assault. Sent by the peaceful planet Emerald, Starman possesses the knowledge, strength and bravery necessary to stop the aliens.

Beyond The Moon - Rocky Jones
A shocking announcement comes from the furthest reaches of space - Professor Newton has turned traitor, joining forces with the renegade planet Officius. Vena Ray, an interplanetary translator, arrives at the Headquarters for Space Affairs with news that the Professor has in fact been brainwashed and is being kept against his will. Rocky Jones sets off to free Newton and Vena demands to come along.

Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Woman
A team of astronauts are stranded when they crash land on Venus. The mysterious planet holds many perils for the crew, who are assaulted by prehistoric creatures and bewitching alien women. The Venusian sirens are enraged when the astronauts kill their god, a terrible flying beast, and vow to destroy the invaders. Turning their fury against the explorers, the beautiful aliens call upon the deadly powers of their ancient gods.

Warning From Space
Astronomers discover an extraterrestrial satellite orbiting in space, pounding Earth's surface with thousands of meteorites. The meteors turn out to be flying saucers, transporting bizarre alien creatures who carry with them a desperate message for the world's leaders. The visitors announce that a runaway planet on a collision course with Earth is certain to destroy the planet, but the aliens have a plan. As tidal waves engulf cities and chaos rules the streets, human scientists combine their technology with the alien brainpower to save the Earth and restore peace.
Product Details
Format DVD
Region Region 1
Screen Ratio Standard 1.33:1 Color
Layers Single Side, Single Layer
UPC (Barcode) 089218010292
Release Date 3/8/05
Packaging Custom Case
Audio Tracks ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Mono
Nr of Disks/Tapes 6
Extra Features
Includes a wind-up walking metal robot!

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