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Prisoner - 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition, The (1967)

Front Cover Actor
Patrick McGoohan
Angelo Muscat
Movie Details
Studio New Video DVD
Language English
Audience Rating NR
Running Time 884 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Vol. 1
Arrival - Awakening in his London home, the Prisoner finds a strange, new world outside his windows. A beautiful village replaces his former city, betraying an elaborate hoax.

Vol. 2
Free for All - The new Number Two invites the Prisoner to run for office, with the promise of meeting Number One should he win.
Dance of the Dead - Can the Prisoner survive devious attempts at mind manipulation?

Vol. 3
Checkmate - A human chess board spawns a new game for Number Six.
The Chimes of Big Ben - A beautiful new prisoner, Number Eight, attempts escape but is captured by Rover.

Vol. 4
A, B, and C - Under pressure to get results, Number Two uses untested drugs to invade Number Six's dreams.
The General - The General tackles the topic of education. The Village tests Speed Learn, a subliminal process in which information is imposed onto the cortex of the brain through the act of watching television.

Vol. 5
The Schizoid Man - Extensive brainwashing is used to alter even Number Six's most basic behavioral traits.

Vol. 6
Many Happy Returns - A deserted Village greets Number Six after a restful night's sleep.
It's Your Funeral - An assassination plan against Number Two is discovered by Number Six.

Vol. 7
A Change of Mind - Accused of being "disharmonious", the Prisoner faces Instant Social Conversion.
Hammer into Anvil - Tortured by Number Two until suicide seems like the only answer, Number 73 leaps from a window to her death.

Vol. 8
Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling - The Prisoner's mind has been transferred into another man's body!
Living in Harmony - An all-too-familiar question is asked again in a very unusual story with a special Village twist.

Vol. 9
The Girl Who Was Death - The beautiful and seductive Sonia has but one goal - to kill Number Six! "You'll make a beautiful corpse…"
Once Upon a Time - An unbroken Number Six faces "Degree Absolute" - the most intense psychological treatment ever devised. One week, two men, one survivor.

Vol. 10
Fall Out - The question of Revolt is decided in an underground court, as Number Six awaits his own fate - and a meeting with Number One.
Product Details
Edition 40th Anniversary Edition
Format DVD
Region Region 1
Screen Ratio Production Year: 1967
UPC (Barcode) 733961758580
Release Date 7/25/06
Packaging Custom Case
Nr of Disks/Tapes 10
Extra Features
Ultra-rare Original Footage of the 1966 Location Shooting, Accompanied by Commentary with Bernie Williams
Bonus Program: The Prisoner Video Companion
Rare, Alternate Version of the Episode "The Chimes of Big Ben"
Rarely Seen "Foreign File Cabinet" Footage
Rarely Seen "Textless" Intro & Outro
Original Broadcast Trailers
Original Series Promotional Trailer
Galleries of Original Production and Promotional Materials
Production Stills Galleries
Interactive Map of the Village
Prisoner Trivia
Interactive Menus

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